TSA Rail Transportation Security Rule

TSA published the Rail Transportation Security Final Rule (TSA Rail Security Rule) on November 26, 2008. The TSA Rail Security Rule imposes a number of security-related requirements on facilities that ship or receive certain chemicals in rail cars. These requirements would be in addition to any mandates imposed on facilities pursuant to the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards or the Maritime Transportation Security Act.

The TSA Rail Security Rule (49 CFR Parts 1570 & 1580) requires rail shippers, receivers, and carriers of certain hazardous materials to:

  • Implement chain of custody requirements for all cars carrying hazardous materials;
  • Create a Rail Security Coordinator (RSC) position to serve as a 24/7 TSA point of contact;
  • Be prepared to report the location of certain rail cars carrying hazardous materials at all times; and
  • Report significant security concerns to TSA.