Maritime Transportation Security act (MTSA)

Appeal & Waiver

An applicant who has been denied a TWIC may apply for an appeal or a waiver. An appeal should be made when an individual believes that he or she should not have been denied a TWIC (e.g., the government’s security determination was based on incorrect information (such as court records) or mistakes your identity). A waiver should be made when the initial TWIC ineligibility determination is, in fact, accurate but the applicant believes that he or she poses no security threat.

Applicants must send appeal and waiver requests to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) within 60 days of receiving TSA’s Preliminary Determination of Ineligibility letter. If the applicant does not respond to TSA within 60 calendar days, TSA’s decision regarding the applicant’s eligibility for a TWIC automatically becomes final, and the applicant is disqualified from holding a TWIC. More information regarding TWIC appeals and waivers is available on TSA’s TWIC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).