Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA)

MTSA Overview
Sensitive Security Information (SSI)

Who May Be Denied A TWIC?

Generally, all applicants must be U.S. citizens or eligible immigrants to apply for a TWIC. In addition, an individual must not be found to have terrorist ties, may not have prior convictions for certain crimes, and must have sufficient mental capacity to be approved for a TWIC.

Immigrant Status – An individual must be a U.S. citizen or eligible alien in order to receive a TWIC. TSA provides a list of acceptable documents that are sufficient to verify a lawful immigration status, which the applicant should take to the enrollment center.

Terrorist Ties – All applicants are screened against government terrorist watch lists. If TSA determines that an applicant has a connection to terrorist activity, it can deny the applicant a TWIC.

Mental Competency – An applicant may be denied a TWIC if TSA determines that the applicant lacks the mental capacity to hold a TWIC.

Criminal Disqualifiers – The TWIC Final Rule provides a list of permanent and interim disqualifying offenses.

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